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Dr Rachel Saunders
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Technical Director – Ecology, The Temple Group
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Dr Rachel Saunders BSc, MCIEEM is Technical Director – Ecology at the Temple Group. She has worked in various fields of ecology and conservation since 1996, specialising mainly in mammal ecology and protected species issues.

She has extensive experience in mammal identification and survey techniques and has been running national workshops for the Mammal Society since 1998. Formerly working for English Nature (now Natural England), she has experience in the management of designated sites as well as development control issues relating to protected species and habitats and has a good working knowledge of UK and European nature conservation and planning legislation, policy and guidance.

Rachel has also undertaken research into various aspects of urban ecology, including the spatial ecology of urban foxes and the value of gardens for wildlife. Her portfolio includes ecological impact assessments for wind farm developments, rail and road infrastructure and major housing projects. She is a holder of Natural England survey licences for bats, dormice and great crested newts and has been a named ecologist on European Protected Species Mitigation (EPSM) licences for all three. She is co-author of the second edition of the publication Working with wildlife (CIRIA 2011).