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Steve Pimlott
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Director, Fillip Advisory Services Limited
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Steve Pimlott BA (hons), Dip TP, MRTPI is a management consultant and chartered town planner with a strong understanding of strategic through to commercial issues associated with the built environment. He has diverse experience working in both the public and private sector in a variety of roles. 

In 2009, he left the public sector to join Arup, who he worked for until 2022, starting in the firm’s planning policy and economics business and, for 10 years, energy consulting and advisory management consulting.

In 2022, Steve founded Fillip Advisory Services Limited, working for a broad range of clients including Arup, Ramboll, Birmingham City Council, Crawley Council, the Department of Energy Security & Climate Change and Octopus Energy Generation.

His skill set and experience are varied, covering a broad range of sectors, ranging from R&D to due diligence, business planning to master planning, and strategy and policy to infrastructure feasibility and business case development. 

Company biography

Founded in 2022, Fillip Advisory Services provides a range of advisory and programme and project management services in energy and heat decarbonisation, emobility, sustainability, circular economy and climate change resilience sectors.

Collaborating as a network gives the firm a unique perspective on the complex challenges across the built environment, including energy, water, mobility and cities. It enables Fillip Advisory to combine different skills more effectively and cooperate to grow new skills, to deliver the best solutions for its clients.