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Joe Martin
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Executive Director, BCIS
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Joe contributes to On-costs in isurv Infrastructure.


Joe Martin DMS FRICS MCMI is an industry expert with over 50 years’ experience in the construction sector. He joined the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) in 1971 and has been responsible for setting up and developing the BCIS information databases for capital and running costs of buildings. This includes the BCIS Online service, Building Running Costs online and the Infrastructure Information Service.

He has been involved in the development of price deflators, key performance indicators, and capital and whole life cost benchmarks for the UK government. He served on many industry bodies including the Consultative Committee for Construction Industry Statistics, the Steering Group for Unified Classification for the Construction Industry, BSi B101 – Service Life Planning, and the New Rules of Measurement Steering Group. He has also been a longstanding corresponding member of ASTMi Committee E06.81 – Building Economics.

He is co-author of the joint BSi/BCIS publication Standardised Method of Life Cycle Costing for Construction Procurement and recently chaired the industry wide steering group developing the new Civil Engineering Price Adjustment Formulae Indices.

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For the past 50 years, BCIS has been collecting, collating, analysing, modelling and interpreting cost information. Today, that information is made easily accessible through online applications, data licensing and publications. In addition to information services, BCIS also provides consultancy and research support to its high-profile clients from both the public and private sector.

BCIS' independent cost information has an unrivalled reputation. Its data is used by consultants, clients and contractors to produce specific estimates for option appraisals, early cost advice, cost planning, reinstatement costs, benchmarking, whole life costing, facilities, and maintenance budgeting. What's more, BCIS is increasingly being called on by government bodies and private developers to deliver bespoke research and consultancy projects.