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Simon Longstaffe
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Simon Longstaffe is a former Head of Estimating and Cost Management at HS2. He has gained experience in all aspects of the construction industry with a focus on rail, working as client, consultant and contractor. Areas include estimating, assurance, benchmarking, whole life costing, pre and post-contract management, procurement strategy, regulatory bids, and asset management.

He has worked on numerous large infrastructure schemes including the Jubilee line, Crossrail and HS2.

While at HS2 his role was to ensure industry leading cost estimating processes and systems were developed and embedded across HS2 in order that accurate and robust figures could be used confidently by internal and external stakeholders such as DfT, Treasury etc.

He is a member of the RICS Infrastructure Cost forum which facilitate the sharing and improving of current best practice between leading infrastructure organisations.

Simon has written articles on estimating on large megaprojects and contributed to the RICS document ‘The role of the commercial manager in infrastructure’.