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Richard Rowe
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Richard Rowe, B.Sc (Eng), M. Phil (Eng), is a retired Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers who has spent most of his working life engaged on port and harbour projects

Richard has been responsible for projects in Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Cyprus, Bangladesh, Sudan, Russia, India and China. He also worked for several years on projects at Great Yarmouth, which included the preparation of drawings and tender documents and the supervision of 7 ship terminals, breakwater repairs and plans for the harbour extension.

Richard joined Beckett Rankine in 1998 after a long career with Coode Blizard. Before that he worked for the Ipswich Port Commission, Greater London Council Thames Division, National Ports Council and at Garston Docks for the British Transport Commission.

With Beckett Rankine (marine consulting engineers, London) Richard was responsible for the planning and design of port development projects for both oil and gas tankers as well as dry bulk, container and ferry terminals. Major projects included:

  • A new marine base at Atash, Kazakhstan.
  • A new marina for 500 boats at Al-Khiran Pearl City, Kuwait.
  • New industrial ports at Krishnapatnam, India and at Hainan Island, China.
  • RoRo ferry terminal facilities around the Gulf of Cambay, India.
  • Two new LNG terminals on the Medway River.
  • A large module loadout berth at Atyrau River Port, Kazakhstan.
  • Design of heavy piled foundation and skidway beams for topsides module construction and load out at the McDermott Marine Base, Kazakhstan.
  • Design of works on the River Benue, Nigeria, to improve navigation on the River Benue. The project covered 227km of the river between Lokoja and Makurdi.
  • Assessment of the ship berths and review of the conceptual engineering designs for the expansion of Novorossiysk, Russia.
  • While with Coode Blizzard, consulting engineers, Richard was responsible for the planning and design of port development projects for offshore bases together with dry bulk, container and ferry terminals.

Richard has contributed articles about port development to Lloyds List of London, the Dock and Harbour Authority and Port Strategy.