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James Tinkler
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Project Management Director, Chancerygate
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James Tinkler BSc (Hons) MRICS is a project manager for developers Chancerygate, previously Director in the project and development services team in the London West End office of Jones Lang LaSalle. He has worked as a commercial building surveyor and project manager for 20 years, firstly in Bristol at Alder King and King Sturge, then in London for DTZ, before returning to King Sturge, which merged with Jones Lang LaSalle in June 2011.

James was the RICS member sitting on the Project Steering Group for the review of the BRE's The Green Guide to Specification for the 2008 revisions. He has previously published articles in the RICS Building Surveying journal on sustainability, has spoken at the RICS building surveying annual conference and the Scottish Building Surveying Conference, has contributed to the annual King Sturge publication European Property Sustainability Matters.

Company biography

Chancerygate is one of the leading industrial and warehouse development businesses in the UK with more than 80 completed developments ranging in size from 12,000 sq ft to 400,000 sq ft, and encompassing over 6m sq ft of industrial and commercial space. Their principal strength is being able to analyse development situations, identify opportunities, deliver the appropriate – often bespoke – product and bring it successfully to market. While retaining industrial development as its core activity, Chancerygate has used its expertise in other development areas such as student accommodation and residential property.

Chancerygate also operates an investment and asset management team. As either a principal or joint venture partner, Chancerygate has been a consistent and successful investor in real estate for over 2 decades. They remain committed to providing investors with honest and reliable advice. A solid foundation of expertise enables them to read the property market and make informed decisions based on experience, research and trends.