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Julia Stolle FRICS
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Stolle Surveys Ltd
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Julia Stolle has exclusively worked in the field of boundary demarcation and boundary dispute resolution since 2006. She has extended skills in writing CPR compliant reports and giving evidence in court. She worked under David Powell at PSL Chartered Land Surveyors for many years before setting up her own boundary consultancy firm.

Julia graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with an MSc in Civil Engineering (2000). After that she was based in Cambodia as part of a Land Management Project. Her further work experience includes work in the private sector, carrying out topographic surveys, engineering surveys, establishment of a 3D network for a German railway company and office-based surveying analysis.

Julia is a fellow of the RICS and a member of the Academy of Experts. Julia has published an article (Geomatics World - May/June 2016) and has given a number of talks about the future of land registration in the UK.

Company biography

Stolle Surveys Ltd is a boundary consultancy firm providing the clients with advice on boundary matters based on the analysis of current and historic plans and documents, a site investigation and a survey of the area of concern. Uncertainty about the position of the original boundary, discrepancies between the existing features on the ground and the Paper-title documents or the limitations of Land Registry Title plans are common problems. Stolle Surveys provides a wide range of options for clients at different stages of boundary and right of way disputes.