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Chris Rispin
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Managing Director, BlueBox Partners
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Chris Rispin BSc FRICS is Managing Director of BlueBox Partners Ltd who undertake vocational training and also provide support for independent surveying practices in respect of report peer review and complaint handling. Chris also undertakes forensic research into property valuations. He is director of technical services with Allied Surveyors Diligence with responsibility for, among other things, quality control, particularly in respect of office and surveyor performance in the production of surveys and valuations.

He actively monitors the production of reports for more than 100 surveyors annually, handles customer feedback and assesses the competence of new surveyors wishing to register with Allied Surveyors and Valuers.

Chris was a technical author for the RICS Automated Valuation Models guidance.

Company biography

BlueBox Partners Ltd was established in 2006 to provide support services to the residential surveying industry. Since that time, it has worked with sole practitioners, small- and medium-sized surveying practices as well as larger corporate clients. Its main focus is to provide training and development services that help practitioners achieve their maximum potential.

Its independence also allows the company to identify opportunities with other service providers so that smaller surveying organisations can access essential tools and facilities at affordable prices. For example, it has unique partnerships with Rightmove Plus and the Essential Information Group (EIG) giving independent practitioners access to products that would otherwise be impossible to arrange.

It has now further broadened its role to provide residential property owners a range of technical and consultancy services. Its particular specialism is the diagnosis of 'difficult to solve' building defects. The company works with individual owners and private and social landlords where resolving all forms of dampness problems has become an important part of their work.