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Julian Potts
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Chartered Surveyor and Head of Landmark PT
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Julian Potts, a Chartered Surveyor and Associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation, runs Landmark PT, a business providing VAT and capital allowances services to those in the construction and property industries. His particular interest is in the effect of VAT issues on residential and commercial property development. Julian is a professional member of the VAT Practitioners Group, the VAT committee of the British Property Federation and the RICS Tax Policy panel.

Company biography

Landmark PT, an independent tax consultancy run by Julian Potts, ensures that property owners enjoy full entitlement to these savings.

Opportunities include:

  • VAT savings for works to residential, charitable and commercial buildings
  • Tax savings in the form of capital allowances for commercial property occupiers and investors.

Each tax relief has a host of conditions attached which need to be satisfied and evidenced in a form acceptable to HM Revenue & Customs. Landmark PT has developed specialist expertise, procedures and documentation to meet these requirements while keeping fees competitive.