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Tim Wakelin
Job title and company
Joint Owner, Inventories Inc
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Tim Wakelin FNAEA CRLM is a Joint Owner of Inventories Inc, providing specialist support services for letting agents, landlords and tenants. His career in the property industry spans more than 20 years, over which time he has been a letting and managing agent, landlord and tenant. Prior to joining Inventories Inc he was a director of one of the largest risk management and insurance providers dealing with the letting industry where he worked with clients throughout the UK on risk management and insurance strategy.

Tim is a Fellow of the National Association of Estate Agents and holds the association's certificate in Residential Letting and Management.

Company biography

Inventories Inc provides specialist inventory production, check in, check up and check out services for residential let property in Cambridgeshire, West Sussex, Hampshire, Middlesex and Hertfordshire.

The business owners have a wealth of experience gained from working in the letting and management industry as agents, landlords and service providers. Two of the owners also work as adjudicators for one of the tenancy deposit protection schemes.

All of their consultants are fully trained to their exacting standards, as is their inventory creation team.

Their services are all carried out to a tried and tested standard format which is constantly evolving to meet the demands of clients and the ever-changing marketplace.