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Tony Kernon
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Managing Director, Kernon Countryside Consultants
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Tony Kernon BSc (Hons) MRAC MRICS FBIAC is a chartered surveyor, a Fellow of the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants and a graduate in rural land management. He specialises in rural planning and assessing the effects of land use change on agricultural, equestrian, horticultural and land-based enterprises. Tony is an experienced expert witness, having given evidence at many planning inquires and appeal hearings.

Tony is Secretary of the Rural Planning Division of BIAC and is a regular speaker on rural planning and diversification topics.

Company biography

Kernon Countryside Consultants specialise in agricultural, equine and rural planning consultancy. This involves advice, assessments and appraisals, in some cases planning applications or input to planning applications (working with town planning consultants), appeals and expert witness work. They also carry out inputs to environmental assessments, and research work related to the rural economy. They work widely across England and Wales, acting for local authorities as well as landowners.