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Graham Kelly
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Senior Project Manager, BIM Academy
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Graham Kelly originally joined the BIM Academy through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Teesside University and Ryder Architecture. His previous role examined how BIM can be used for the operational phase of buildings, the associated challenges and how BIM can deliver sustainable solutions to support the whole lifecycle. Graham specialises in understanding facilities management processes and data flows. He has since moved to a senior project management role and is currently looking at how BIM can improve the effective utilisation of buildings.

Graham graduated from Loughborough University in 2008 with a degree in construction engineering management and gained experience in industry working for Morgan Sindall and AMEC on a number of construction projects. Graham recently completed his PhD on the subject of how buildings change over time, and how information from facilities management can be fed back to architects in the most appropriate manner. Graham has specialist knowledge within facilities management, architectural practice, feedback, knowledge transfer techniques and adaptability. His aims are to progress in his career through the application of academic theory and practical experience on projects.

Company biography

BIM Academy was co-founded by Northumbria University and Ryder Architecture in 2010 with the vision of creating an international centre of excellence for Building Information Modelling (BIM), through the complementary activities of research, education and consultancy.

Both organisations are leaders in the field and recognise the benefits that can be delivered to industry through independent evidence-based innovation, research and learning, ultimately leading to enhanced business value and growth.

The award-winning team has extensive experience from a diverse range of commissions in the UK, Middle East, Far East and Australasia for industry and government clients and academic partners.