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Chris Hessel
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Principal Consultant, Chris Hessel Consulting
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Chris Hessel, a Fellow of RICS, is currently the Principal Consultant with Chris Hessel Consulting, specialising in valuation advisory and expert witness assignments. Until March 2020, Chris was an International Partner with Cushman & Wakefield's London valuation team, specialising in the valuation of retail assets. With more than 35 years' experience at Cushman & Wakefield/DTZ/Donaldsons and over 40 years in the valuation and professional services field, Chris has a broad and detailed knowledge of the valuation and landlord and tenant markets. He specialised in providing a range of valuation consultancy advice to major property owners, with an emphasis on shopping centre and retail park investor clients.

Company biography

Chris Hessel Consulting specialises in valuation advisory and expert witness instructions concerning the valuation of property in retail and related sectors.