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Jim Glaister
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Regional Manager (Southern), The Knotweed Company
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Jim Glaister has been advising on and treating invasive weeds, particularly Japanese knotweed, since 2004. He regularly speaks and writes about knotweed and other invasive plants for professional organisations, websites, magazines and trade publications, including for RICS – for whom he has spoken at annual briefings and provided CPD presentations – and the Property Care Association (PCA).

He became a member of the examining and marking team for the PCA's Certificated Surveyor in Japanese Knotweed (CSJK) examination after achieving a Distinction in the exam in 2014 and has been contributing to isurv since 2009. He authored and presents an online training course on bamboo for surveyors on behalf of the PCA, which was launched in 2022. He is the co-author and editor of Invasive Bamboos: Their Impact and Management in Great Britain, published by Packard Publishing in 2021, and author of What You Need to Know about Japanese Knotweed: A UK guide for the non-specialist, published by Packard Publishing in 2022.

He is currently working on a second book about Japanese knotweed, aimed at practitioners in the invasive weed sector, which should be published by Packard Publishing before the end of 2022. Jim became a Practicing Associate Member of the Academy of Experts in 2020.

Company biography

The Knotweed Company was established in 2010 by Brian Taylor, who has had a varied career working with invasive weeds lasting more than 20 years. The company combines the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to control and eradicate Japanese knotweed and other invasive weeds effectively and safely in England and Wales, while recognising the need to understand related environmental concerns and having the knowledge to provide workable solutions that take these extraneous issues into account. The Knotweed Company is accredited to the Property Care Association, Trustmark, Builder’s Profile, Constructionline, Safecontractor, the Amenity Standard and Amenity Forum. It works within the guidelines set down by the Property Care Association Code of Practice for the Management of Japanese knotweed, RICS information paper Japanese knotweed and residential property and the Environment Agency Knotweed Code of Practice.