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Peter Forrester
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Director, Peter Forrester SCCS Ltd
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Peter Forrester, Director of Peter Forrester SCCS, qualified as a chartered surveyor in 1984 and is widely recognised as one of the leading authorities in the field of service charges. He advises owners and occupiers on the implementation of best practice in the management and administration of service charges including interpretation of leases, expert witness and dispute resolution services.

Peter is the current chairman of the RICS steering group and the lead author of the RICS Code of Practice for Service charges in commercial property. As a member of the steering group Peter also made a significant contribution to the publication of the RICS guidance note Managing mixed use developments (2012). He is co-author of Residential and Commercial Service Charges: A Surveyors Handbook, and wrote Case in Point: Service Charges for RICS.

Peter is a Fellow of RICS and a member of the panel of experts set up by RICS to deal with the expert determination of service charge disputes. He is also a member of ARBRIX the British Council for Offices.

He writes articles and is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars on the subject of service charges generally.

Company biography

Peter set up this specialist consultancy after more than 25 years' in commercial property management and 12 years as director and head of service charge consultancy at Savills.

Owners and occupiers often require expert advice in the increasingly complex area of service charges. As an acknowledged leading expert in his field Peter provides independent consultancy and advice on all aspects of commercial and mixed–use service charges for owners, occupiers and managers.