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John Durrant
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Hello Photo and Doctor Photo
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Estate Agent John Durrant developed a reputation for doing things differently throughout his career; for example he was the first agent in Surrey (and maybe the country) to video properties for marketing purposes. (This was when video cameras were huge, and were linked by cable to a recorder strapped to the videographer's side).

Throughout his 37 years in the profession, John has operated according to his conviction that estate agency is, in essence, a very simple business. It is, he believes, primarily about the agent getting attention for the properties he or she is selling. Video certainly helped John achieve that and also attracted the attention of numerous vendors who instructed him because of it. Photography played a huge part in John's estate agency career, and great images were a prerequisite whatever camera he was using, making the house the star.

In 2005 he decided to concentrate on the creative side of estate agency. Photography continues to play a large part in his life, as does property marketing. He offers a wide range of services from property photography via to teaching people how to create the best images through his second business,

Because of his industry-reputation he has been a judge for the Estate Agency of the Year Awards having earlier won several with his old estate agency company in Woking.

Nobody has a better understanding of the way the industry works, its challenges and the many ways to enhance estate agency businesses through an excellence in professional property marketing.

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Doctor Photo helps estate agents and others who don’t have the time or skill to make their images better once they're out of the camera. He believes that there’s no such thing as a digital photo that can’t be improved.