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Graham Allison
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Managing Director, Streetwise
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Graham Allison, B.Acc., DipM, MCIM is managing director of Streetwise, a UK-based map company and 77M Ltd, a business data company. With a background in oil and gas management consultancy, Graham moved into the cartography sector when he joined an aerial photography in 2000. At this time he also became involved with Ordnance Survey as both a supplier and customer and had his first exposure to the complexities of government licensing. One of his ambitions was to simplify the licensing of Ordnance Survey mapping which finally seems to be moving in the right direction after 14 years.

Graham enjoys the challenges of building and running businesses where the customer is an integral part of product development.

Company biography

Streetwise team has a simple philosophy 'Keep it simple, keep it great value and help those that need help'.

Over the past 7 years they have taken fairly complex files formats and processed them into much more readily useable web-enabled forms. This has opened up what was previously a rather elitist speciality so that smaller businesses and even individuals with little or no GIS experience can now have easy access to this useful information.

Streetwise readily accept there is always room for improvement and welcome feedback no matter how small in order to make the service as good as it possibly can be.

This no-nonsense approach, which coupled with lower than average margins, means they have now surpassed over 40,000 customers.