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Nick Weller
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Director, NW Learning Limited
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Nick Weller MA, FCA is a chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience in business education. Nick has written material to help students pass accountancy, marketing and company secretarial exams. He has delivered course material for professional development updates and has produced practical guidance on accountancy and legal issues.       

Nick has worked for the technical department of a major accountancy firm and for an international professional education provider. He is now a freelance author and technical reviewer. Nick writes on a wide variety of subjects including financial strategy, risk management, corporate governance, law, audit, management accounting and financial accounting.  His clients include a number of professional education providers and he is part of the examination team of a global accountancy institute.

Company biography

Nick set up NW Learning Limited in 2013. NW Learning Limited exists to provide high-quality material on business and accountancy topics, with a focus on exam education. Nick’s extensive experience of writing exam-focused material gives him expert insight into the demands of professional exams and how material can best provide what students need. Nick is also used to producing clear guidance on technical and business issues that helps business professionals.