What is isurv

What is isurv?

isurv provides online access to information on a wide range of built environment issues. It provides insight from industry practitioners and legal experts to help you effectively apply theory into practice and to provide you with the knowledge to resolve your workplace issues.

  • 40,000 pages of information;
  • £20k worth of resources including RICS books, downloadable checklists, templates, case studies and all RICS professional guidance;
  • 10 channels full of information and guidance;
  • updated by over 200 contributors.

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Benefits of having isurv access

  • Saves you money
    You don’t need to access multiple information sites to get the information you need and isurv has a variable price structure so that you get value for money and don’t pay for resources that you don’t need.
  • Provides reassurance
    isurv is from RICS, which means that the information is independent, reliable and can be easily and quickly accessed. It provides you with reassurance when advising clients and can help you reduce the risk of potential litigation as the information clearly shows what you need to do to ensure compliance.
  • Saves you time
    Don’t spend unnecessary time checking multiple sources of information. isurv can quickly provide you with the information you need freeing up time to allow you to focus on client development and research new business opportunities.
  • Supports APC development
    APC candidates with access to isurv are 12% more likely to pass their final assessment than those without access. isurv provides invaluable information that demonstrates how RICS rules of conduct, RICS professional guidance, and technical theory is applied in practice for each pathway.


isurv is an essential resource of all businesses. But don’t just take our word for it. See what your peers have said.

isurv can save you valuable time

'As well as saving me desk space, isurv saves me time. Rather than having to look through multiple resources for the answers I need, I can quickly log onto isurv and find the latest expert information in my area of practice.'

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isurv can save you money

'Our business recently faced a client dispute over measurement. We subscribe to isurv so I could quickly find the answer I needed and as I could pitch this as RICS information, the client accepted the answer. I estimate this saved us £46,000 which makes isurv incredible value.'

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isurv can help you manage risk

'isurv provides my firm with the reassurance that all of our 450 surveyors get access to up-to-date surveying information direct from RICS. We use isurv because it offers practical and credible knowledge that other information resources cannot guarantee.'

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