What's new?

Autumn/winter 2021-22


Building information modelling

Content on the new practice note on NEC4 and BIM and information on the UK BIM framework was added to the BIM section. 

Collateral warranties

Collateral warranties was reviewed throughout. See Insurance and disputes for a short summary of the 2021 case Toppan Holdings Ltd & Anor v Simply Construct (UK) LLP.


Completion received a minor update to reflect COVID-19.

Conceptual cost planning

A new page on Optimism bias was added to the Conceptual cost planning section.

JCT Standard Building Contract

JCT Standard Building Contract was reviewed thoroughly throughout and the flow charts within the section were also updated.


Reference to recent case law was added to the Litigation section, see Pre-action protocols and Process for litigation.

Loss and expense

A new FAQ on COVID-19 was added to Loss and expense and the section was reviewed throughout.

Negotiating construction disputes

Negotiating construction disputes received minor updates.

Non-standard bespoke forms of contract

Non-standard bespoke forms of contract was updated to reflect COVID-19.

Planning and programming

This section has received minor updates throughout.

Risk management

Authors Russell Newman and Michael Gladwin have updated Risk management to include new information on: 

Standard forms of contract and amendments

This section has been heavily updated, with particular focus on:

Value management

New author Peter Nicholls has overhauled this section to include plenty of up-to-date material.

Consultation drafts

See iConsult to review the latest RICS standards and guidance drafts.