What's new?

Spring/summer 2022



Blockchain was reviewed throughout and was updated to reflect recent changes in the area. See in particular the page Importance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Commercial empty property rates

A summary of the recent Valuation Tribunal case Aviva Investors v Dawn Bunyon was added to Commercial empty property rates, see Development of empty property rates for more.

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance has been updated with new content under the subheading Developments in business interruption cases following the test case.

Expert evidence and advocacy rules and skills

Expert evidence and advocacy rules and skills was reviewed throughout.


In the Leases section, see the page on COVID-19 legislation and case law for new content on:

  • the Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act (CRCA) 2022 and
  • ending of temporary insolvency measures under CIGA 2020.
Lease renewal

Two unreported cases have been added to a list in the Lease renewal section, see the page Terms other than property, duration and rent.

Managing insolvency

New authors Carly Schiff and Stewart Perry have comprehensively updated this section throughout.

Mixed-use developments

See the page Leasehold enfranchisement (residential) for new content on the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 in Mixed-use developments.

Property fraud in commercial property

Property fraud in commercial property was updated with a summary of the Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022.

Stamp duty land tax

New author Simon Howley has thoroughly reviewed and updated the section on SDLT.

Consultation drafts

See iConsult to review the latest RICS standards.