What's new?

Spring/summer 2022

Important updates


New authors John Richards and Jeffrey Tribich have rewritten this section in light of the newest edition of Asbestos and its implications for surveyors and their clients, RICS guidance note.


This section has been updated with new information, including a new subsection on Gloeophyllum sepiarium and G. abietinum.

Boundary matters

This section has seen minor updates throughout.

Deleterious materials

The subsection on Asbestos has itself been completely rewritten to ensure it is fully up to date.

Due diligence

Author Adrian Tagg has completely overhauled this section throughout.

Environmental monitoring and control

This section has seen a lot of new material added, including a whole new subsection on the danger posed by the plaster beetle.

Equality and social inclusion

This section has been comprehensively updated throughout. In particular, a new section regarding the Building Safety Act 2022 has been added.

Flood remediation

The subsections on Reducing flood riskFlood resistance measures and Flood recoverability measures have been rewritten. Also, a number of new images have been added to highlight the tools used and the case studies presented.

Heritage and conservation

New author Robyn Sparkes has thoroughly revised and updated this section for 2022.

High hedges

Author Dr Jon Heuch has updated this section throughout in line with recent government guidance. 

Indoor air quality

This section has been updated with new information, including new images of surveys.

Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed

This section has been updated throughout, particularly with regards to the new RICS guidance note on Japanese knotweed.

Laser scanning

This section has seen a variety of updates throughout.

Residential EPCs and DEAs

Author Tim Winsland has updated his section in line wioth new developments, including a whole new subsection on The Future Homes Standard, Part L 2021 and SAP 10.

Surveying party walls

This section has seeen a series of small updates to clarify or extend existing information.

Tablet-based surveys

This section has seen updates to App selection and Pilot surveys.

Town planning

This section has been updated with new information on the Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill.


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