Schedule of services

A separate Schedule of Services document has been published for each of the disciplines, which form a comprehensive set of those surveyor services present within the built environment and associated fields.

Each of these Schedules contains a single discipline set of Services for the function or role listed, except for the role of Building Surveyor, which contains a multitude of different Services, some of which are classified within the Standard and Short Forms (as ‘normal’ Building Surveying services) and others that are classified within the Designated Form (as ‘specialist services).

All of the separate sets of the Schedule of Services are to be completed on a ‘tick box’ basis, such that the parties agree as to the extent of the Services required to be undertaken by the surveyor. The core clauses within each Schedule of Services contains those that might be considered as the normal or usual set of services expected for that discipline.

However, due to the wide variance in the type of construction projects that might be procured, there are sets of optional supplementary services available to select in addition to (or instead of) the ‘core’ clauses.

Further, each Schedule document contains the option for the parties to include bespoke additional Services – these can either be added to the document itself or listed out on an attached separate sheet and cross referenced to the relevant clause.

One of the attached Schedules provides the opportunity for the parties to capture the frequency of meetings to be attended by the surveyor, although it is acknowledged that this might not appropriate for all disciplines.

Finally, many of the Schedules contain a glossary of terms used within that discipline-specific service, although it should be noted that there is also a consolidated glossary of terms list in the explanatory notes documents.