RICS standards and guidance - RICS property measurement

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Title and edition
Status and jurisdiction
RICS guidance note, global
Publication date
May 2015
Effective date
18 May 2015
Current or archived

RICS property measurement updates the RICS Code of measuring practice, 6th edition, and incorporates International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS).

RICS Property Measurement comprises the following 3 elements:

  • Professional statement: office measurement (applies to office measurements only)
  • IPMS: Office Buildings (applies to office measurements only)
  • Code of measuring practice, 6th edition (currently applies to all building classes except offices and is effective globally from 18 May 2015).

This document reflects the first IPMS standard (IPMS: Office Buildings) and will be updated over time to comply with other IPMS standards, including residential, industrial and retail, as they are published.

Elements of this document are mandatory for RICS members and will be subject to regulation by RICS. Other elements are professional best practice and practitioners are strongly advised to follow them.

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