Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976

An Act to afford security of tenure for agricultural workers housed by their employers, and their successors; to make further provision as to the rents and other conditions of tenure of such persons, including amendments of the Rent Act 1968; to impose duties on housing authorities as respects agricultural workers and their successors; and for purposes connected with those matters.

Agricultural tenancies are treated differently because of the limitation in both the Rent Act 1977 and the Housing Act 1988, which set a minimum rental level below which the tenancy cannot enjoy the protection of these two acts. Commonly, agricultural tenants have received their properties as part of their job and have not been required to pay any rent for them. Due to the perceived importance of agriculture, particularly in the years after the Second World War, it was seen to be desirable to provide enhanced protection for agricultural workers. This was initially done through the Rent (Agriculture) Act 1976.