isurv redesign 2017

Important information for all isurv subscribers

The ‘new’, redesigned isurv will be launching soon.

Not only will it look different, with enhanced layout and functionality, but the way you access the service will be changing for the better.

Why is it changing?

We are simplifying your log in process and improving security for you. You will also be able to manage your own password on the system.

How will I log in?

Until now, you will have logged in using your contact/membership number and password. After the launch, you will need to log in to isurv using your email address and password (the email address is your registered address at This change to your method of logging in will not apply if you access isurv through a large organisation or university.

Until the launch, please use your current method of access.

We will make these changes to isurv soon – our homepage and social media channels will be updated with further information.

What will the redesigned isurv look like?

Here is a first look at what isurv will look like after the launch ...

isurv new homepage

Figure 1: isurv's main homepage

isurv new channel homepage

Figure 2: isurv Construction channel homepage

isurv section homepage

Figure 3: isurv commentary page