Red Book guide

Red Book guide

The RICS Valuation - Profession Standards is the leading set of practice guidelines available internationally to the valuation community. This section complements the Red Book by providing practical additional commentary on the interpretation and implementation of some of the most important provisions.

The Red Book guide is therefore a perfect companion to the Red Book for all valuation professionals. It covers duties under the standards relating to:

A range of frequently asked questions and guidance on common problems with reports will help valuers to avoid pitfalls. The Red Book route map provides pointers on key issues at each major stage of a valuation.

This section incorporates updates that reflect:

  • the 2014 edition of the Red Book, effective from 6 January 2014; and
  • the December 2014 reissue of the UK portion to take in changes to UK GAAP effective from January 2015 (see the summary).

On 1 July 2017 a new edition of the global valuation standards, the RICS Valuation – Global Standards 2017, was issued. See the separate page for a summary of the effects of this. The Red Book guide is in the course of being updated in more detail with the changes arising from the 2017 edition.

Red Book guide is maintained by Anthony Banfield.

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