Safety and security

8 Safety and security

This chapter provides guidance on safety and security, including security of data, health and safety at work, personal safety and looking after the safety of others.

Following this guidance will help you to meet the following principles in the Real Estate Agency Code:

 1.  To conduct business in an honest, fair, transparent and professional manner.
 2.  To carry out work with due skill, care and diligence, and ensure that staff employed have the necessary skills to carry out their tasks.
 12.  To ensure that any property viewings are carried out in accordance with the client’s wishes, having due regard for the security and personal safety of all parties.

This chapter also provides specific guidance for commercial agents operating in the UK that will help towards meeting the relevant requirements of the legislation summarised in chapter 10. You can read more about these Acts and Regulations in the specific sections listed in the table below.