Acting for the landlord: letting agents

7 Acting for the landlord: letting agents

In many cases, letting the property is only the first stage in the process, as you may be instructed to collect rent and manage of the property on behalf of your client. This chapter considers property management from the perspective of letting agents who typically manage individual properties. For property management from the perspective of managing agents, property managers and block managers typically managing whole blocks of flats or estates with communal areas, see Chapter 8. These sections should be read in conjunction with other sections in these standards.

Following the guidance in this chapter will help you to meet the following principles in the Real Estate Agency Code:


To conduct business in an honest, fair and professional manner.


To carry out work with due skill, care and diligence and ensure that staff employed have the necessary skills to carry out their tasks.


Not to discriminate unfairly in any of their dealings.


To ensure that all their communications are fair, clear, timely, and transparent in all dealings with clients.
10. To ensure that they make it clear to all parties for whom they are acting, and the scope of their obligations to each party.

This chapter also provides guidance for residential agents operating in the UK that will help towards meeting the relevant requirements of legislation summarised in Chapter 12. You can read more about these Acts and Regulations in the specific sections shown below.